Mugdock Castle

About Mugdock Castle

A romantic and whimsical fortified home on the western end of Sullivaní s Island. Together with Forts Sumter and Moultrie, Mugdock Castle guards the entrance to Charleston Harbor - the most historic North American port of the Atlantic Coast.

Mugdock Castle consists of two buildings joined by a central stair tower and bailey. The Winter Hall and North Tower are located in the Gothic portion of the fortress. The Winter Hall is constructed of two foot thick Georgia granite walls. It houses the kitchen, dining hall, library, buttery, throne room, and minstrel gallery. The North Tower accommodates a small bed chamber as well as the casemate above. The northern ramparts of the tower are reached via ship's ladder from the casemate.

The Summer Hall is located in the more recently constructed Norman Keep. The Keep has battered masonry walls, two and a half feet thick at the base. It houses the undercroft, the castle laundry, six bed chambers with associated wardrobes, and 5½ garderobes. There are two south facing porches, which provide access to additional dining facilities located atop the southern ramparts.

Mugdock's grounds feature the Morning Courtyard to the east and Summer Lawn and Olive Groves to the south.